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China Energy Week (CEW)

      Prospect the global political economy and energy environment, and predicting the path and Prospect of China's energy development. Oil observer strives to build China's top energy event - China Energy Week.
      自2018年开办首届中国能源周以来,中国能源周以专业、精准的行业主题聚焦,广泛的行业人脉资源,全面的行业资源服务范围,吸引着越来越多行业人士参与其中。如今 ,中国能源周(China Energy Week, CEW)是具有全球视野的行业大会,致力于创办中国自己的能源周,立足中国,辐射亚太,并逐步影响全球。
      Since the opening of the first China Energy Week in 2018, China Energy Week has attracted more and more industry participants by focusing on professional and accurate industry themes, extensive industry contacts and resources, and comprehensive industry resource service scope. At now,China Energy Week (CEW) is designed as an industry-wide annual energy conference originated in China. We are dedicated to foster an energy convention, which roots in China, and aims to cover the Asia Pacific region, with eventual global influence.
      Vision: To make the influential voices from China's energy industry be heard
      Principle: Seize opportunities, and share future developments
      Over the years, the guests and leaders of the conference are: from the national development and Reform Commission, the national energy administration, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the Ministry of finance, the State Administration of foreign exchange, the central bank and other functional institutions, as well as central enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, the state energy investment group, wood Mackenzie, ExxonMobil, the British Embassy, chenier, Gazprom and other state organs, central enterprises, foreign-funded institutions Leaders and experts.
      Over the years, participating enterprises include PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC, BP, total, etc., and domestic and foreign oil companies, oil service equipment companies, pipeline storage companies, refining and chemical trading companies, governments, financial institutions, international energy organizations, industry associations, research institutions, well-known financial media and other institutions attended the event.
      The contents of the conference include: global economy, geopolitics, macroeconomic and policy, energy transformation, energy reform and development, energy investment, belt and road, Sino US relations, natural gas market, crude oil market, new energy, fuel oil, technology innovation, RMB internation, foreign exchange policy, fiscal and taxation policy and so on.
      China Energy Week is the most comprehensive and professional energy event in China, with a meeting scale of more than 500 people, independent and parallel theme venues, richer contacts, deeper professional research and more extensive business discussion. It is not to be missed by professionals in the energy industry.

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