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Oil observer company is Information & Consultancy, internet-based innovative energy data company. We to build a top energy community through Oilobserverintelligence group.

Dedicated to build the most professional information service platform.
Online Products:
WeChat Official Account(oil-observer)
WeChat (oilobserver)
Products to be on line:
Energy Hui APP
Oil Sea APP
End-users have reached 100k, 100% in oil & gas industry and more than 60% are senior management and technological leaders, including oil companies, oil service companies and equipment companies, covering from both upstream to downstream

Dedicated to build the innovative intelligence-sharing platform.
More than 1000 experts
•Including leaders and guests that have been to Oilobserverconferences
•Mainly from NDRC, NEA, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Foreign Change, The People’ Bank of China, State-owned oil companies and International oil companies
More than 400 part-time researchers
Focus on energy market data collection and analysis, trying to provide the most valid and reliable information service to the whole oil & gas industry
Produced more than 100 reports and related in two years

Focus on oil & gas, and provide specific training service
Resume pool contains more than 10k senior talent information and have worked for more than 50 energy companies, both domestic and abroad
APP is yet to be online

Trying to be the most valuable vertical energy community
To organize top conference in oil & gas industry based on intelligence group
Brand Conference:
Annual Conference——China Energy Week、Summer Conference and Winter Conference
High-end Discussion——Private Conference
Regular Conference——Open Class
Macro economy and policies, energy economics and finance, international trade and commodity, energy investment, one belt and one road, energy reform and energy technology.