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  Oilobserver Intelligence Analysis specializes in the study of  global energy policy, technology and industrial development. There are more than a thousand petroleum and chemical experts,more than five hundred part-time researcheres work for us.
   All the  experts and researcheres form the chinese National Development and Reform Commission,chinese state-owned petroleum enterprises,National energy administration, natural resources department, ministry of commerce, ministry of finance, state administration of foreign exchange, China customs ,central bank  and others professional Organizationes.
   Oilobserver Intelligence Analysis have two research centres--Natural gas research center and Russia-centrel asia research center.
   Natural gas research center responsible for researching global natural gas industry development. The center produce the professional report.
   Russia-centrel asia research center responsible for researching Oil and natural gas industry development in the region of  Russia-centrel asia. The center produce the professional report every half a month.
    And we provide customized report services. The National Energy Administration of China,the Ministry of Commerce, the China National Oceanic Bureau,Beijing Gas Group, and others government departments and enterprises is our customers.
    Contact Us:
    E-mail: ruca@oilobserver.com
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