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3rd China Energy Week(CEW)——2020 Annual Conference of Influence

3rd China Energy Week(CEW)
——2020 Annual Conference of Influence
Theme: China's Plan in a Competitive New World
1st June-5th June, 2020 Shanghai

   The second decade of the 21st century has waved its‘Goodbye!’. Yet all the sufferings and risks brought by the international trade dispute,  the chaos in the Middle East, the downward pressure of economic growth, the isolationism of different countries and the emerging risks of Chinese energy reform as part of the changing times are here to stay. The following decade with the new infrastructure featuring 5G and AI, the Arctic nature gas development, deep-sea energy development, the shale gas the new energy technologies stands to present us with new hope. While the oil and gas demand is weakening, new opportunities for oil and gas asset acquisitions are emerging. Deepened international cooperation and joint development of new resources and markets have become the winning strategy to overcome difficulties.


【Opening Ceremony:Global Political and Economic Context and China's Reform】
(2nd June 2020,Shanghai Room)
1st:The challenges of "Isolationism" and "Trade barriers" to global politics and economy
1) The trend of “Global trade barriers ”and energy enterprise countermeasures
2) Will the global monetary easing save the world economy?s
3) After NCP global energy supply revitalization and development adjustment in the second half of the year
2nd:Gradual global energy transition:
1)Requirements and trends of the global energy transition under climate change and sustainable development
2)Direction of energy structure adjustment in China's 14th five year plan
3)Strategy and practice of transition and development of large energy companies
4)Capital investment strategies in the energy transition
3nd:Activate and open up the Chinese upstream resources of oil and gas
1) The difficulties of activating upstream resources & direction of reform on exploration and development
2) How do private enterprises and foreign capital smoothly enter China's upstream market and resolve the problem of fair access to transmission and sales
3) The supportive and opening-up policies of the central government and local governments (including FTAs) for exploration and development enterprises
4th:China's natural gas reform has entered a "Deep-Water Zone"
1) With deepening reform of pipeline network, how should upstream and downstream enterprises adjust development strategy
2) Discussion on new operation framework and rules
3)Pipeline interconnection and establishment of regional market
4) How to strengthen the development of gas storage and supply availability system

【Part 2:Global Energy Investment and Flow of Capital】(3rd June 2020)

Co-sponsored:RIPED AIPN(TBD)

【The main venue】Hotspot regional cooperation and opportunities(Full Day,Shanghai Room)

1st:Impact of Sino-US trade dispute on China and global energy industry
1) Impact of Sino US trade war on international financial market and adjustment strategy of energy related financial issues
2) Analysis of the future development direction of Sino US trade war and Sino US oil and gas cooperation
3) How can Sino -US energy enterprises explore opportunities beyond the Sino-US trade disputes
2nd:Market opportunities from Sino-Russia energy cooperation
1) Russia's energy export strategy adjustment in the context of US-Russia disputes
2) The important role of execution of Sino-Russia key projects and market adjustment
3) How can China 's energy enterprises enter Russian market
4) Opportunities and difficulties for Russian oil and gas enterprises to enter Chinese market                                        
3nd: New layout of China-Central Asia Oil and Gas Cooperation
1) The new trends of oil and gas strategy and market in Central Asian countries
2) How to resolve the problem of construction for oil and gas transmission network in Central Asia
3) How to develop market resources of oil and gas and non-oil and gas sectors in Central Asia
4th:The China Opportunities for Middle East oil-producing countries
1) Analysis of Middle East oil-producing countries’ situation and investment risk
2) The oil and gas investment projects in the Middle East oil-producing countries
5th: Development trend of European energy market and China-EU energy cooperation
1) Europe plays an important role in promoting the transformation of global energy structure and the promotion of environmental protection
2) Impact of European Energy and Energy Derivatives Policy Adjustments on World Markets after Britain exiting from the EU.
3) Russian and American natural gas market battle
4) China-EU global oil and gas cooperation and development.

【Sub-venue1】 China-asean

Co-sponsored:Qingdao institute of Marine geology state oceanic administration
1st:China-Asean-South Asia Oil and Gas Market Development and Cooperation
1) Launch of Report:Analysis on Oil and Gas Resources Potential and Cooperation in 11 ASEAN Countries
2) International cooperation and development in ASEAN oil and gas producing countries(Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia)
3) New trends of oil and gas consumption and investment in ASEAN market
4) Adjustment and interaction of Singapore’s oil and gas exchange market in the context of new developments of China oil and gas exchange market
5) International development and cooperation of new oil and gas resources in ASEAN(Philippines, Myanmar, Timor-Leste)

【Sub-venue 2】continental shelf - deep sea development

1st:New Opportunities for Oil and Gas Investment in the North Sea
1) Introduction of oil and gas resources in the North Sea continental shelf
2) Current state of play and development of oil and gas in the North Sea continental shelf
3)Investment opportunities for oil and gas in the North Sea
4)How to invest in the North Sea
2nd:International Cooperation and Development of Deep Sea Oil and Gas
1)New market breakthroughs in deep-sea development
2)New momentum for deep sea technology development
3)Adjustment and innovation of international cooperation model for deep-sea oil and gas development

【Sub-venue 3】global oil and gas exploration and development and shale gas

1st、《Global oil and gas exploration and development situation and oil company dynamics》report released
2nd:Upgrading of Chinese shale gas exploration, development and cooperation
1)  New progress and demand of Chinese shale gas development
2)  Shale gas development technical breakthrough and cost structure
3)  Capacity building for shale gas transmission pipeline and connection with consumer market in China
4)  New trends of upgrading international cooperation on shale gas



1st:Africa - An Important Market for International Cooperation and Development
1)African oil and gas resources development potential and investment risks
2)Get started quickly  development of natural gas in East Africa
3)West African offshore oil and gas development and refining and chemical industry construction
4)Angola's fast-growing oil industry and market investment opportunities

【Part3:Global Market and New Opportunities】(4th June2020)

【The main venue1】China opportunities: natural gas market(Full day Shanghai Room)

Natural Gas Market 1: The development of the global natural gas market into the "trot " state
1) "New players" in the global natural gas market
2) The trend of global natural gas supply and demand,price adjustment,and what changes in the bargaining mechanism
3) How does the global natural gas consumption market digest the supply surplus capacity?
4) Resource development and asset adjustment strategy in the fierce competition of natural gas market
Natural Gas Market 2: Natural Gas Futures in China for Risk Hedging
1) Natural gas futures trading and reform of Chinese natural gas market
2) System development of the Chinese natural gas futures market
3) How to make the natural gas futures market more dynamic?
4) Natural gas hedging transactions with an important role for natural gas pricing in China and protection against risks
Natural Gas Market3: How to Fill in the Huge Gap for Natural Gas Supply and Storage Facility Development
1) The pathway towards meeting the demand for gas storage facility in China
2) The good remedy for the pain of connectivity between urban gas pipeline network and gas storage facility
3) Market-oriented investment and returns for the pipeline network
Natural Gas Market 4: Merger and Adjustment of Urban Gas Market in China
1) Impact on the market and direction of expansion via market connectivity between upstream and downstream
2) Formation of regional markets
3) The road to survival for the future urban gas market
4) Urban fuel gas companies’ explorations into the upstream market
Natural Gas Market 5:Natural gas market investment
1) new player investment motivation and participation mode
2) prospects of natural gas power generation market

【The main venue2】Global trade and China's oil industry

Co-sponsored:CASS UNIPEC

1st:《China petroleum industry development report》released
2nd:Chinese oil and gas trade strategy in the adjustment period of global oil and gas trade chain
1) The impact of continuous implementation of the America’s policy of "energy independence" during the downturn and its oil and gas exports on the global energy market
2) Global oil and gas trade under the influence of NCP and China's Countermeasures
3) Outlook for spot gas market in Asia Pacific region
4) How to find new oil and gas markets in the world
3nd:Central Asia-Russia's oil and gas trade with China
1)Strategic adjustment of Central Asia-Russia's oil and gas trade with China
2) The structure changes of Central Asia-Russia's oil exports to China
3) Competition for Central Asia-Russia’s natural gas export to China (competition for sources of gas and China energy mix)
4th:Main markets of Middle East oil-producing countries
1) External market environment changes and internal policy adjustment in Iran
2) The Saudi 2030 vision and foreign trade strategy
3) Qatar’s external challenges and the adjustment of oil and gas export strategy
4) International trade environment changes and oil and gas export strategy adjustment in the United Arab Emirates
5) Variables for the Iraq's oil and gas export in recovery
6) New market opportunities for Oman
5th:China-Australia international oil and gas trade and cooperation
1) Expansion of Australian LNG export market and adjustment of trade strategy
2) Development opportunities of onshore unconventional natural gas resources in Australia
3) Economic analysis of the development model of offshore oil and gas resources in Western Australia (tradition: jack-up rig + land-based LNG plant)
4) Economic and regulatory perspective of Australian offshore oil and gas development model(FLNG + LNG Carrier)

【Sub-venue】Refining and oil products

Co-sponsored:Sinopec Economics & Development Research Institute(TBD)
1st:China opportunities: transformation and expansion of “ teapot refineries”
1) After NCP, chinese “ teapot refineries”:Development and solutions to pressure for transformation
2) Where is the new market for “ teapot refineries”
3) How to become the fifth oil major in China?
2nd:China opportunities: refined oil market
1) The influence of NCP on China's refined oil market consumption and the future market adjustment countermeasuresStructural change of refined oil market and adjustment of regional energy policy in North China
2) The structural transformation of North China's refined oil market and the adjustment of regional energy policy
3) Market layout change of refined oil and adjustment of refined oil retail market in East China
4) Mutually reinforcing effects of refined oil market and lifting of policy on car purchase limits in south China
3th: China opportunity: the change of world fuel oil market and China
1) The new policy of IMO and the change of world fuel oil market pattern
2) Supply and competition strategy of marine fuel oil in China
3) Business operation and market strategy of bonded marine fuel oil in China
4) The new policy of IMO’s impact on fuel oil futures in domestic and foreign
4th:China opportunities: lubricant market
1) New changes in the structural adjustment of Chinese lubricant market
2) The impact of intelligent economy and new energy transportation for Chinese lubricant market
3) Development of foreign brands in Chinese lubricant market and their market strategy re-adjustment
4) New challenges of lubricant market in Eastern China
5) How to find new markets for lubricants in the China?

Part4:New Infrastructure and Future of Energy(5th June 2020)

【The main venue】(Full Day,Shanghai Room)

1st: 5G technology-led energy revolution
1) 5G in China, 5G in the world
2) Application of 5G in energy exploration and development
3) The relevance of 5G for energy management
4) 5G as a support for intelligent energy services
2nd:Smart Energy Internet
1) Global energy transition: 2050 development road map
2) Energy Internet: The coexistence and combination of centralized and distributed technology routes
3) How to materialize energy Internet (Internal & external)
4) Investment and returns of energy Internet
5) Application and market value of the ubiquitous internet of things
3nd:Future of China, Intelligent Empowerment
1)AI: Tap into the potential of exploration and development data
2)AI:Inject new impetus into intelligent oilfield planning and development
3)UAV:Key components of future smart oilfield management
4)Blockchain application in the energy industry

【Sub-venue】Automobile and oil (Half Day)


1) Changing trends of China and World's automobile markets
2) The market impact and opportunity of the new energy automobile policy adjustment
3) Technology breakthrough of new energy vehicle
4) Competition from foreign new energy vehicle enterprises to the Chinese sector
5) Energy chain - an era of connectivity between human and vehicles